You will have to fill out some paperwork. You will receive information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a patient and a patient survey to fill out when you get home after your procedure. The survey comes with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to send back to us. You will also receive a pamphlet with information about HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The receptionist will make copies of your insurance cards, so be sure to bring them with you to your appointment.

After checking in at the office you will be given an armband with your information and an armband with your allergies. You will then be taken to admitting where you’ll be prepared for your procedure. We’ll have you change into a patient gown, assess your vital signs and start an IV. It is during the admitting process where you speak to your physician about the risk and benefits of your procedure.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. You will be sedated for your procedure so you must have a driver with you to take you home.
There are different bowel preparations to cleanse the colon. The preparation you have depends on your medical history and the preference of your physician. If you have any questions regarding your prep please contact the physicians office at (801)294-6792.
You may take your regular medications with the exception of Blood Thinners (Coumadin, Plavix, Ticlid). It is best that you call your physician before your procedure regarding medication such as blood thinners or diabetic medication.
If you get nauseated stop the prep for an hour and then restart. If you continue to vomit we may need to try another prep. Call the physician on call if this happens.
You will be given a sedative for your procedure and will not be able to drive home.
The average time is two and a half hours. The procedure takes about thirty minutes, plus admitting and recovery time.
Not all polyps turn to cancer, but we remove all polyps and send them to a pathologist to determine what type of poly we remove. Pathology results are back within. You will receive a letter from your physician regarding your pathology results within 1-2 weeks.
Your referring physician will receive a letter from your physician with results of your procedure the same day. Pathology reports will be faxed from the physician’s office within a week.
You will feel drowsy after the test. You may also have gas pain and or cramping. Passing gas usually relieves the cramping or discomfort. You may have a slight sore throat from an upper endoscopy. You are fine to eat or drink after your procedure. The sedation will last a couple of hours after your discharged from the clinic. However, you definitely should not drive, operate heavy machinery, drink alcohol, take any other sedatives, or make important decisions until the following day.